Youths paying too much attention to Valentine’s Day — Adaora Okoh

Nollywood Actress, Adaora Okoh, has opined that young people attach too much importance to Valentine’s Day.

She told Sunday Scoop, “I think young people should slow down and take things easy because there are many issues to be bothered about than to worry over Valentine’s Day. While I was growing up, Valentine’s Day celebration was different from what is obtainable today. I believe that as people grow older, they would discover that there isn’t so much about Valentine’s Day except for the red colour. I have always celebrated Valentine’s Day by giving to the needy and showing love to people. I am married; hence I don’t have any special interest in Valentine’s Day. While dating my husband, the day probably meant something different. But since we got married, every day is like Valentine’s Day to us. We only go out sometimes to show love to the underprivileged.

“I’d rather accept monetary gifts instead of flowers for Valentine’s celebration. As lovers, it is okay to share gifts on Valentine’s Day. However, people should not make it a must, especially when their partners cannot afford to get them gifts. Young people should also know that they can show love to one another beyond sex.”

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