Woman stabs relative for shaming her son over not being accepted into the university

A woman, Mrs Blessing Odion Amayanevbo was arrested by police and released on bail after she stabbed her relative in the head for insulting her son.

She had carried bottles to the shop of her relative, Mrs Joy Osagie Amayanevbo, after she heard that the latter mocked her son for not getting admission into the university and stabbed her on the forehead with a broken bottle, leaving her with a deep cut that bled profusely.

The daughter of Mrs Joy said Mrs Blessing would have succeeded in killing her mother “if not for the policemen who were around that quickly caught her as she was about to escape” as she was taken to the hospital while Mrs Blessing was taken to the police station at Estate gate, Airport Road.

Mrs Blessing was later released on bail and is said to be making threats that she will do more harm to Mrs Joy.


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