Here’s a sentence that no one could have expected would ever be written: Will Smith hopped on the ‘Gram today to bust it down to Blueface’s “Thoatiana.” The world was in a frenzy for most of the day after Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all imploded at the same time. There was only one place for people to air out their grievances, Twitter, obviously, but now it looks like Instagram is back up and running. Hence, the cause for Smith to celebrate.In a recently uploaded video clip, Smith takes it to the floor, literally, to do his happy dance now that the social network was back to fully functioning.

Smith wasn’t the only one having a bit of fun regarding the social media meltdown. Cardi B pranked her fans earlier, hyping them up by tweeting, “HEY GUYS I JUST DROPPED A BIG SURPRISE ON INSTAGRAM GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!” A number of unsuspecting, and forgetful, fans immediately tried to login to get to scoop, only to realize that the app wasn’t working. Star’s Quincy Brown must have had a full voicemail, because he tweeted, “People hitting my phone about IG being down like I can fix it.” The world can breathe easy now that the powers that be have made it possible to scroll through life once again.