Why you should never loose weight to keep a man – Comedian, Lepacious Bose tells ”fat girls”

Comedian Lepacious Bose, has advised ”Fat Girls” not to lose weight just to keep a man saying, big girls should lose weight because it is want they want for themselves and not because of any man.

The comedian who has lost weight after years of fitness training, gave the advice after posting a video of a big Ghanaian lady dancing with her husband on their wedding day.

Her post reads;

”This post is not about whether she needs to lose weight or not; that is entirely her choice not yours or mine. So I will appreciate if you keep that counsel to yourself!


You see, this post is also about the fact that my dm is full, yes indeed full of heart wrenching stories of plus size ladies (for the purpose of this discussion I shall use the word FAT, pardon my societal incorrectness). Fat ladies who have had their hearts broken by men who left them because they felt they are too big! (The annoying part is most of these mumu men met the ladies fat ooo and they liked/loved them)

Let me tell you something, a whole lot of men love fat women, yes! They love the warmth, the flesh, the feel of the lush thick thighs, some even love the stretch marks! ???


Unfortunately most of them are cowards, they love these women but do not have the guts to openly stay with them. Eventually they leave them because of what “people will say” because their friends and family members feel the ladies are too big and therefore inappropriate. Of course because these uncles are wimps they can not fight for these women, for what they truly want/desire. Oshisko !!!

They cave in, because they are wimps, they give up the love they want and go for the “socially acceptable” woman….. most of them end up miserable but hey…. Congratulations to them ooo! Am sorry but I love their misery.


It takes a strong man, a real man to love a fat woman, it takes an extra man to openly love her, it takes a man and a half to ignore the naysayers and freaking marry her! Kudos to all the strong men who are not afraid to love fat girls, may your bank account never lose weight!


Dear fat girl, if you want to lose weight, go ahead; do it! However do it for yourself, your health, your choice….. but never to keep a man! You see, if he’s not ready to fight for what he really wants then he’s not man enough for you…. Pls let him go!



If he loves to be with you but wants to hide you from the world pls RUN!

Most fat girls have the sweetest hearts and are wonderful lovers…. Trust me these men know it!!! They are just too wimpy to stay! You don’t need a wimp, you need a REAL MAN!”


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