Why you should fake It till you make it – Actress, Eriata Ese explains

Nollywood actress Eriata Ese has advised her fans to fake it till they make it after her friend lost a multimillion deal.

She wrote:

“I don’t care how this sound. Fake it till u make it; for the right reasons. A multimillion naira deal just slipped off my friend’s hand just because she didn’t show up to the meeting with prado, driver and mopol like the way they do when u want to bid for contract in a big company It’s obvious we now rate people by their appearance; what u wear, the car u drive and the area/house you live in; especially in Lagos.

To think that this friend of mine has access to all the packaging and decided to just drive her Camray and go there to deliver; based on the benefit that will be brought to the table if they bring her in and also Exhibit her Intellectual value.

Just because there was no “WASH” to go with intelligent performance, they gave the job to someone who came with the wash.”

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