As elders, we want ‘Big Daddy Naija’ – Yemi Solade

Veteran Nollywood actor, Yemi Solade, has opined that there should be ‘Big Daddy Naija’ to celebrate veteran thespians like himself as Nigerians are focusing on the ongoing reality show, Big Brother Naija.

The actor said this during an Instagram Live chat Beats, he said, “Big Daddy Naija would be a great idea. You will see us in our real elements. You will see some of us that are introverts, extroverts, sapiosexuals and ambiverts. You will also see those of us that are homemakers who can cook, and those of us that are loud. The same way, you will see those of us that love music and fashion. Some of us don’t have business acumen; that is why we are artistes. All we do is come out and showcase our talents, and we are appreciated. The likes of Bob Manuel, Zack Orji, Antar Laniyan, Kunle Bamtefa and Ayo Mogaji can be part of it. Nigeria has produced great talents. Join me in the movement; let us create Big Daddy Nigeria. I want to be a housemate. I want to see my colleagues, the old ones. Let us do something different from what we are used to on the screen.”

He added, “I have zero tolerance for ‘yama yama’ (rubbish). When one young person comes on social media to insult me, I will just give it back to the child’s parents. My children don’t go online to insult elders. It is not African. Forget what the adult has done, this is social media. This space is meant for socialising. Take away all the rubbish behaviour. Let’s ‘catch cruise.’ I got that phrase, ‘catch cruise’ from the young ones.”


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