Why People Think August Alsina Is Singing About Jada Pinkett on “Nunya”

August Alsina released a remix of Kehlani’s track “Nunya” last week, accompanied by a music video in which he illustrates his relationship with a woman who’s rejected him but is still trying to keep tabs on his sex life. Speculations have arisen recently that the women Alsina is describing is none other than Jada Pinkett Smith, who the rapper has had a close relationship with over the years.

Alsina appeared on Jada’s Red Table Talk last year and got candid about his struggles with addiction and how the Smith family helped him through a particularly rough period. Jada similarly opened up during their exchange, expressing how she’s had to confront her battle with sex addiction.

lthough their relationship was previously interpreted as platonic, given his “family friend” status with Jada and Will, social media activity and the “Nunya” visuals have prompted many people to speculate that their relationship may be more intimate than many realized.

In the video for Alsina’s version of “Nunya,” a text thread between him and a woman named Koren appears, which speculators were quick to point out is Jada’s middle name by birth. After singing the line, “You’re just an actress putting on a show,” he sends a GIF of Jada to the unnamed woman in which she’s saying “Oh, so now you gon’ front?!” Making that two references to Jada over the course of the remix.

In addition to the “Nunya” lyrics, last September in celebration of Jada’s birthday, Alsina shared a lengthy post in which he refers to the actress as the personification of love, adding that she’s the “fortune” in his cookie.

The two do not follow one another on Instagram, however it remains unclear whether they had followed each other previously.

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