Why my man will be lucky to have me – Actress, Olayinka Ajala

Beautiful Nollywood Olayinka Ajala has said she’s attracted to men in a way different from others as she also opened up on how she came into the movie industry.

Exert from the interview as gathered by NEWSCASTARS.COM below:

Tell us about your growing up?


I grew up in Oyo State, but relocated to Lagos when I got a job.

How did you come into movies?


I came into the industry as a makeup artiste because I am a stylist. I discovered my talent for acting as soon as I had the opportunity to be behind the camera.


To what extent can you go for acting?


I love acting so much to the extent that I can’t drop it for anything.


Who is your role model in the movie industry?


I have a couple of people I enjoy their craft, but Funke Akindele-Bello is my number one role model. I love the way she interprets every role; it’s like she’s telling the story of her life.


How many movies have you featured in?


I have featured in close to a hundred movies, including Aami, Aramada, Jadesola, as well as my own productions.


Aside acting, what else do you do?


I am an entrepreneur; I do a lot of businesses… I mean legit businesses.


What’s your turn on in men?


I love good smell. So, the first thing that attracts me to a man is the sweet smell of his cologne, and his nice shoes.


Are you in a serious relationship at the moment?


No, I am not.


Why? You are such a beautiful lady. Are guys not seeing what I am seeing?


I guess they are not…


How romantic can you be with your man?


Let’s leave that for my man to tell. You know, I can’t be praising myself, but I know he’s going to be a lucky man.


Are your parents in support of your acting career?


Yes, my mum is in support. My dad is late, so I don’t know if he would have supported my acting career if he were alive.


What’s your worst and happiest day ever?


The day I lost my father was my worst day ever. Till date, I still feel very sad, but who am I to question God? However, my happiest day was when I got my first job after graduation and started making my own money.



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