Why marriages are failing – Pastor Ibiyeomie explains

Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministry says there is currently high rate of divorce across the globe due to couples’ ideology before marriage.


Speaking during a sermon at the church’s headquarters in Port Harcourt, the clergy said some persons go into marriage with divorce in mind as an alternative when things go wrong adding that it is wrong to expect divorce in marriage, as he urged church members to embrace marriage with the mindset to stay forever.


He said, “They say that in every marriage there must be trouble and if you ask them why they say when we marry, we would expect.


“Do you know people expect to divorce before they marry? they will say “if it doesn’t work then I will walk away”. So, from the beginning of the marriage failure has started because the expectation was wrong.


“Look, I am going in, if it doesn’t work then I’ll step out”. I can tell you that you will divorce because from the beginning you have a faulty expectation. Why must you expect that you will pack out?


“When you have a strong expectation, you won’t be confused by anything, you’re sure that this thing must happen”.

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