Why ladies shouldn’t always be blamed for dating married men — Actress, Peju Johnson

Nollywood Actress, Peju Johnson, has opined that , ladies should not always bear the blame when they date married women.

Asked to advise young ladies who date married men, she told Saturday Beats, “I think the question should be ‘advice to married men who derive pleasure in dating single girls’. There wouldn’t be any relationship if those men didn’t ask them out or want them too. We shouldn’t be blaming ladies for this every time.”

On having sex on a first date, Johnson said, “Sex on a first date is a ‘no’ for me. I have never done that before and will not do it.”

On attention she gets from men. She added, “Attention from men? Sometimes, it’s fun and sometimes, it annoys me .But both ways, it is not something I can avoid.”

On the aspect of stardom she detests, Johnson said, “Criticism is one side of stardom I hate. One cannot do what one likes. People believe they have to dictate to one. For example, one could post a picture and fans would go to the comment section to abuse one and tell one the kind of pictures one should post and the ones you shouldn’t post.”


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