Why It’s beneficial to date Nigerian married men – Laura Ikeji (Video)

Fashion blogger, Laura Ikeji has said Nigerian married men are the most generous men in the world and are well known for cheating.

She made this known in her recent YouTube series which she entitled “62% of Nigerian married women cheat” saying, any lady who dates a rich married man stands to benefit a lot as they [Nigerian sugar daddies] tend to sponsor their lifestyle and vacations.

She said, “Nigerian married men are the most generous men in the world. If you date a Nigerian rich married man, you most likely will be rich because they are very generous.

This is the only country i know that once you date a Sugar Daddy, within two-three months, you’ll get a good house, a good car, they will sponsor your lifestyle, they will fly you abroad, take you places.


She sarcastically added that a Nigerian man who is not cheating on his wife usually does not look cool.


Watch the video below




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