Why is Abba Kyari yet to be paraded as a criminal like Nnamdi Kanu- Reno Omokri ask

Reno Omokri has wondered why arrested suspended DCP, Abba Kyari, has not been paraded.


Kyari was last week arrested for his alleged involvement in drug trafficking.


Reno says Nnamdi Kanu was paraded like a common criminal after he was brought to Nigeria from Kenya last year and asked why Kyari should not suffer same fate.


He wrote;


”Almost a week after Abba Kyari was exposed as a drug baron, he has not been paraded by NDLEA, EFCC, or the Police. Meanwhile, the NDLEA immediately paraded a young boy caught with marijuana. Marijuana! You have someone involved in importing billions worth of hard drugs, and it is the marijuana teenager that you are arresting? If we test General Buhari’s urine, do you know what substances we will find?


Even in crime, Nigeria still applies quotas system to favour certain people! A freedom fighter, Nnamdi Kanu, was paraded like a common criminal on the same day he was illegally kidnapped from Kenya and brought to Nigeria. Where is Abba Kyari? Let us see him paraded like the criminal he is!”

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