Why I will never stop using my platform to call out the evil that the Police do – Comedian, Mr Macaroni

Popular Instagram comedian, Mr Macaroni has explained he will continue using his platform to call out the Nigerian police force.

A follower engaged him in a tweet in which Mr Macaroni alleged that there is always a “negative report or the other about the Nigerian Police every day as they’ve turned themselves to criminals.”

He tweeted;

Everyday, there is always one Negative report or the other about the Nigerian Police. The Police have turned themselves to criminals. Robbing us, oppressing us and doing everything in their power to make life miserable for the Average Nigerian.


I should promote the same police institution that oppresses Nigerians? Majority of your officers are just there to steal, rob, harass, brutalize and oppress the people. We see it happen everyday. You swore an oath to protect. Yet you kill and destroy. Zero conscience!

When I was at Adeniji police station, the police officers took turns to beat me up. They were even calling themselves to come and beat ‘Mr Macaroni’ They said in my life when next I hear police, I will run! One said if not that people would ask about me, he would have killed me.

That very day, I swore never to stop using my platform to call out the evil that the Police do. If they can do that to someone people know, imagine what they do to hundreds of thousands of unknown Nigerians. We are in court though. We filed since last month. Aluta Continua

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