Why I surprised my wife with a car gift.— Ijebu

Comic Yoruba Actor, Tayo Amokade populalrly known as Ijebu had gifted his wife a car during the week which went viral on social media.

Speaking on why he decided to surprise his wife with the car gift. He said, “My wife, Opeyemi, has been supporting me right from the beginning of my career. She has been very helpful with our two children. Whenever I go to movie locations, she is always there, taking care of me and the kids. Despite having her own business, she has been so supportive, even with her prayers. Buying her a car is certainly not too much to show my appreciation. Even If I decide to take her out of the country, that would not be too much.”

If social media had helped his success as an actor, he said, “Social media has opened a lot of doors for me. Back when we got into the industry, there was no social media. We just used to release compact discs, but with social media, my network and connections have increased. It has increased my links and given me more access to my fans. I have got endorsements and social media influencing jobs via social media. For example, I am an ambassador of the Lagos State Waste Management Authority. Also, it has given my brand visibility. However, I don’t engage in ‘rubbish’ on social media.”

If any of his movie roles had got him into trouble, the actor said, “None of the roles I have played has ever got me in trouble.”



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