Why I stopped sending of nude pictures — Ella Mensah

Popular Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah, says she’s used to send nude pictures to her lover but have stopped doing such.

Speaking in an interview with Sunday Scoop, said, “My opinion on sending nude pictures to one’s partner has changed. I used to think it was okay to do such when one is in a relationship because it would spice up things. But now that I am more mature, I believe it is wrong. Nothing lasts any more these days. Most men are now very petty too. Some men even go as far as posting their ex-wives’ nudes on social media to get back at them for leaving. So, I will advise women not to send their nude pictures to their partners.”

On if she had quit acting for staying away from the screen. She said, “No, I have not quit acting. I just took a break from acting to pursue another career in New York, United States of America.”

She added, “I celebrated my birthday two weeks ago and I’m grateful for everything. Many great things are happening to me and I am so thankful for them all. My son is doing well and my amazing family members are all doing great as too. It has been blessings upon blessings for me. I am really grateful and thankful for all that I have.”

If she would prefer a public wedding, the busty actress said, “I prefer a private wedding. Those who know me will tell you that I am very private. I don’t post anything private— my family, relationship status or partner— on social media. I believe in privacy. That’s the part of my life that keeps me sane. My work life is already public, so my personal life is strictly private. For those reasons, I would choose a private wedding.”

On fans who play to tattoo her name on their body. She said, “If any of my fans decides to tattoo my name on their body, I would appreciate it but I won’t advise anybody to do that. Tattoos are permanent. I have a few, so I know. One ought to think about it carefully before getting one.”

Social media, major challenge for entertainers –Ijebu

Popular Yoruba comic Actor, Olatayo Amokade, popularly known as Ijebu, says social media has played a major role in escalating issues among his colleagues in the entertainment industry.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he said, “One of the major challenges entertainers are facing now is social media. Back when there was no social media, the little problems we had were solved within ourselves. We would call each other, maybe set up a meeting and then apologise. But now, whenever there is an issue, before one knows it, it would have been on blogs and everywhere else. When I check the news in the morning, I see more negative news. What celebrities are supposed to settle among themselves would be everywhere online.”

The 42-year-old actor stated that using social media to promote one’s talent is the way to go. He said, “When one is talented and has content, one needs to make skits and put them online. The only thing we did back then was to collect money from marketers and produce movies. At the end of the day, they would pay us off. We didn’t know that some of the movies were put on YouTube and some of them could have as many as 20 million views.

“I started doing skits in 2015 and it has helped me a lot. I just wanted to make sure that I delivered my own content and maintain an online presence. Even veterans in the industry are doing it. If one wants to remain relevant in the industry, one has to do it.

“People doing skits and having their own social media channels are making a lot of money. Meanwhile, if one makes a movie for a marketer and collects royalties, the money may not be enough. One is only doing it because one wants to stay relevant. Skit makers put their videos online every day and simply tell their fans to go and watch them. However, we (actors) cannot do that every time, so we have to create our own content. It is another avenue to earn from one’s craft.”


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