Why I released a movie focusing on men abuse – Actress, Jumoke Odetola

Nollywood actress, Jumoke Odetola recently released a movie, My Mirror, directed by Gboyega Ashowo and produced by Jumoke Odetola.

The movie was premiered on Sunday, June 20 and it talks about men abuse, the actress when asked why she picked such a theme, said, “In this part of the world, society has made men believe they cannot express their feelings, their pains. So, a lot of men suppress this anger. Two things happen in the course of doing this. At times, it leads to depression, and at times it leads to a build-up of anger and emotions. When it gets to that limit, it’s like a breaking point, they could react the way they shouldn’t. These are some of the things we addressed in this movie and the need for people to undergo therapy.”

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