Why I made movie on prostitution – Sharon Okpamen explains

Nollywood Actress, Sharon Okpamen, reveal that she made movie on prostitution to shine a light on the dark side of the profession.

She said, “Night Hustlers is a movie that talks about the first and oldest business in the world. I am not trying to say prostitution is good or bad because there are some people that have been able to enhance their families with it, while some fell on the wrong side. The movie directly points to the dark side of prostitution― how humans get greedy and sell themselves, which also leads to man’s inhumanity to man.”

She added, “There is no particular role I like. As an actor, it is my duty to interpret any role I am given and to make it as real as possible to my audience. I embrace every character given to me and that makes me a professional thespian. However, one role that challenges me is anything that has to do with spirituality because I have a phobia for it. So, whenever I am asked to play the roles of a marine spirit or occultic person, the phobia comes. But, I still manage to overcome it.”

On the entertainment industry not being for a decent woman, the actress said, “That is very wrong to say. If you take a good look at the women in the industry today, about 80 per cent of them are married. Marriage doesn’t have anything to do with one’s profession. It has to do with the person’s mindset or character. There are many divorces across different professions and there are a lot of single mothers out there that are not actresses either.”


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