Why I forgave Burna Boy for sending thugs to attack me – Mr 2kay

Singer, David Jumbo, popularly known as Mr 2kay, has explained why he decided to settle out of court with fellow singer, Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, who, in 2017, after the later sent thugs to attack him at Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

NEWSCASTARS.COM learnt that the singer said several esteemed personalities reached out to him as he sat for an interview with Sunday Scoop, Mr 2kay said, “The incident happened about four years ago. We went back and forth on the case for some time. At some point, the guys who carried out the attack were arrested and they were locked up for over two years. Their parents and Burna Boy’s people kept begging. At the end of the day, I decided to withdraw the case out of court. A lot of people that I respect, including my godfather (Tonye Princewill), and kinsmen reached out to me. I listened to those people and withdrew the case.”

The singer also confirmed that Burna Boy reached out to him severally after the incident to apologise. “Yes, he reached out to me (to apologise) when the case was very ‘hot’. He actually called me, though that part was never put out in the public. It was quite a long conversation and he apologised,” he said.

On what caused the spat between them, Mr 2kay said, “I cannot really give you all the details. To be honest with you, I have taken my mind off it because at some point, it was affecting with me mentally. Whenever I heard doors opening or I saw people with guns, flashes of the incident came back to me. However, I think it all started from an interview when a journalist asked me a question and I answered. But, he (Burna Boy) did not get it the right way. He flared up and it led to something else. We then exchanged some messages on social media before the incident happened.”

On collaboration between them in future, singer said, “I cannot say for now but I am in talks with his mum, who doubles as his manager. I don’t have any direct contact with Burna Boy at the moment.”

On his daughter, the singer said, “We are very fine. My child, Alisha, and her mother, Gifty Powers, are fine. Gifty is now happily married but I am still single. Alicia is my second child and she would be four years old this year.”

Reacting to Gifty’s claim in an interview that he was not the father of her daughter, Mr 2kay simply said, “She (Gifty) cannot deny that I am the father of the child. That is not possible.”

On whether he could get married to an entertainer, “I cannot marry someone that is in the same field with me. But, I can date someone in the entertainment industry. (For marriage), I need to find someone that is far away from showbiz because it is a crazy space.”




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