Why I don’t flaunt my relationship on social media –– Actress, Bimbo Thomas

Nollywood Actress, Bimbo Thomas, says she doesn’t subscribe to flaunting her relationship online because she love private life.

 Speaking in a recent interview with Sunday Scoop, she said “I have never been used to flaunting my relationship online. I believe in keeping my life private because my career is already out there.

“I have a son who seems to have also picked the social media aspect of me. I try to steer clear of everything that is not meant to be out here. I have been very blessed to have a man that understands me and he doesn’t want to be out there. I have never met an insecure man who wants me to show him off to prove my love.”

She added, “I don’t want to say that all celebrities seek validation from fans because before there was social media or globalisation, celebrities had been living fulfilled and happy lives.

“And some of those celebrities are still around, even in this age of social media. I think it’s the present-day celebrities that don’t understand what fame is.

“Some were handed fame. I don’t think they worked for fame because if they did, they would know how much work one has to put in oneself and won’t care about validation. Some celebrities now live packaged lives that people can see. They have different versions of themselves just for people to see them in particular ways that suit them. It is quite unfortunate that this is the order of the day but it is whatever one sows that one would reap.”

Sharing her thoughts on the fact that many actresses have now delved into skincare business, the Omo Ghetto actress said, “Skincare business is the trendy thing now. I guess everyone wants to change their skin tone. I don’t want to generalise or point fingers but I feel that if one doesn’t have a plan for oneself, one tends to follow trends sometimes. One would just join the bandwagon because others are doing it and not explore one’s creativity or originality. But this still boils down to society we live in. People simply look for a pacesetter and bastardise the originality of others.

“I’m sure that before now, people knew the skincare business was there but the rate at which people are changing skin tone now is making more people join the business. Before now, owning a boutique was the popular business. Now, it’s skincare products but that’s also a phase that would pass.”

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