Why I don’t flaunt my family on social media — Kiekie

Popular skit maker and actress Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori, aka Kiekie, revealed that she’s married as she sat for an an interview with Saturday Beats but said  she intentionally does not flaunt her family on social media.

Her words, “I respect the privacy of my family and marriage, and I do my best to show them to the barest minimum. (I) just (do) the basic things when it’s necessary; maybe birthdays and anniversaries. (I believe that) the little one shares, the better.”

On her marriage was not affecting her career. She said, “The beautiful thing is that I married a man who understands the concept of marriage, and we have been able to create a balance. When there is something to be done at home, it is not a function of whose job it is, but a function of who is available to do it. When there is something that needs to be done, I just get on it and do it as soon as possible. So, none is affecting the other. I think the baseline here is just to be responsible.”

On her most challenging skit, she said, “The most challenging skit I’ve featured in was the one where I had to go inside the water, because I am afraid of water. It was with MC Lively and I had to go inside the water. It was pretty scary for me. More so, there isn’t a set time for skits. Some could take the whole day and some could take two hours. It actually depends on the script.”

On how she handles negative comments on social media, the content creator said, “I believe there is no point trying to force someone to accept any opinion expressed through the artistry in my contents. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I simply don’t answer negative comments. If I get one million positive comments, I would reply as many as I can. And, if I receive one negative comment, I restrict or block (them). I just don’t respond.”


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