Why I can’t score more than one goal for now – Werner

Chelsea striker, Timo Werner has reacted to his squandered opportunity in their 1-0 win against West on Saturday.

The Germany International, who is in the process of rebuilding his confidence, says one goal was enough for the day, and jokingly adding that scoring two would have been too much for his recovery process.

“I think the second chance, I should have scored,” he told Sky Sports after the match.

“But I think I have to come back slowly with one goal enough. When I score twice today, it might be too much for the beginning. No, joking.

“The confidence was there, I feel it in my legs when I have the ball at my feet that I have confidence.

“Yeah in the moment – this season it’s not only confidence, sometimes it’s also luck.

“Maybe last year, I hit the ball with my feet and always, it would go in, this year is different but I’m happy that I scored the first.

“The second chance like this will also go in the next few weeks and months.”

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