Why I am the most mocked parent – Toyin Lawani

Celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani claimed that she is the most mocked parent because she has kids from separate dads but said she has developed a thick skin and will always do what makes her happy.

Lawani in an Instagram post said she can have 6 children from different dads for different reasons as long as it makes her happy.

She wrote;

I think I’m the most mocked parent out there , Guess what my crime is ??? Having kids From separate dads , well if Doing that will keep giving me kids like @therealtiannah and @thereallordmaine I will make the mistake over and over and over again , cause I don’t Believe cause you failed once or twice , you shouldn’t have the right to love again , see when it comes to all this nasty shits you people think you write to mock me , it doesn’t move me atall , I’ve grown tough skin , that’s what you people have taught me to do , so I do me and what makes me happy.


No matter how much you soil my name , the world people who mean well see how hardworking i am at my various crafts and see how I strive at my various crafts daily , imagine if I listen to such nonsense y’all have to say , will my kids be where they are today ? Will they be making you happy ?? , cut that crap , see if I like I will have 6kids from different dads for different Reasons, so far it makes me happy , if the next one mess up i will move on again , its like you people dont know me, moni shoko gan.


I dont let anyone or anything hold me down and i dont care what anyone has to say , when something doesnt make me happy again i move on , im not one of those that dies in silence to please you lots , you lots that dont even have your life together , are the ones who knows how others should be living their lives , I don’t care what you all have to say , you can’t control my life cause I’m in charge of it , live and let live , my life is my business not yours , I’m too focused to be distracted

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