Why I am organizing pageantry in Niger Delta – Elizabeth Era

The convener of the Face of Niger Delta Cultural Pageant, Elizabeth Era, has opened up on her motive for starting the organization.

Speaking in  a recent interview, she said she is very passionate about promoting the rich cultural heritage of the Niger-Delta region of the country and she does not hide it.

She said, “I chose to do a cultural pageant because I want to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Niger Delta people. People don’t really know much about our culture and who we are. People only get to know about the activities of militants, kidnappers and other criminals but I want to change all that. I want to show the world that there is something very beautiful about the Niger Delta people, and it’s not just because our maidens are beautiful and intelligent women. We are trying to identify with our culture and tradition.” She also noted that the pageant was being organised in collaboration with The World Kindness Movement. According to her, nine contestants would be selected from across the entire Niger Delta and would spend 22 days in camp, after which the winner of the pageant would emerge. In the light of current realities, Era stated that the auditions would be done virtually.

“The winner of FONDCUP would go home with a new car and N1m. She would be the ‘Kindness Ambassador’ for a year as well. The first runner-up would also get N1m, be trained in a skill of her choice and get to work with Husstorm Technologies while the second runner-up would get N500,000 with other opportunities. At the end of the pageantry, each of the contestants would go home with N200,000,” she added.


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