Why Funke Akindele will never go nude for any photoshoot – Actor, Uche explains

Controversial Nollywood actor Uche Maduagwu in a new post on his social media page, has explained why actress Funke Akindele will never go nude for any photoshoot.

He wrote:

@funkejenifaakindele will never go NUDE for any photoshoot because she is more RESPONSIBLE than you…👗👗 Sometimes, I just feel some “drama queen” celebrities have let the YOUTH in this country down with their sudden and irresponsible display of “NUDITY” on social media.🍎

But the question on my mind has always been this, why can’t these “radical for attention” crop of female celebrities emulate a great LEGEND like my sister,

@funkejenifaakindele?🎬 She is happily married, TALENTED, successful, and above all, a great MOTHER,🔥 not like those who INSULT the father of their child in public…😁

Why can’t they learn to be RESPONSIBLE like her? In Africa, whenever a woman goes NUDE in public, it shows her level of STUPIDITY and the depth of her inferiority complex,🌲 but these shameless celebrities have refused to act like the JESUS they claim to PREACH,✏ well, how can they act like Jesus, when they can’t even emulate someone as VIRTUOUS, responsible and well behaved like @funkejenifaakindele in Nollywood?

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