Why Fuji music can’t die — Ayinla Kollington

Veteran fuji singer, Ayinla Kollington, says the Afrobeats can never displace fuji music as he sat for an interview with Saturday Beats.

The 67-year old music maestro said, “Afrobeats cannot eradicate fuji music. They are two different genres. Fuji is a cultural music genre, and it is independent. Even afrobeats singers get inspiration from fuji music to record their songs. That is why you would find Yoruba words being used in many afrobeats songs. Fuji musicians should continue to sing with whatever style that they like as long as people accept it. The youngsters should ride on and make Fuji music greater than it currently is.”

The legendary singer who recently released his 106th album titled, ‘Aiye Kan Lowa’ (There is only one life), said, “My latest album  has four tracks, and it only took me about three months to get it done because it is what I have been doing for over 50 years. I started singing as a 10-year old boy and I am 67 years old now. I have mastered the craft. Fuji music has improved beyond what it used to be. Everyone now sings fuji in their preferred styles and that has helped it to become more popular. I feel so happy releasing a new album at this age. Growing old does not hinder me from singing. I released an album last year and another one two years ago. The message in the album is that people should do good. People should enjoy themselves as much as they can because one can’t live more than once. Once one is dead, it is finished. That is why one must eat whatever good and expensive food that others eat, drink the expensive wine that they drink, and do all other deeds they’re doing because one cannot come back to this world a second time.”

If he is adequately respected by younger Fuji artistes, Kollington said, “Well nurtured and respectful younger fuji musicians give me my due credit. They respect me so much because that is the right thing to do to an elderly person. One is expected to respect one’s superiors. Only a person who was not well-trained by their parents would disrespect an elderly person.”

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