What turn me on about a man – Whykay explains

Fast rising Nigeria fema le rapper, Ogunjimi Adeyinka aka Whykay, has listed what turns her on in men saying sweet smell and good look of a man get her in the mood.

The Multi-talented entertainer said “What turns me on in a man at the first appearance is his intelligence, smell and looks. However, marriage in Nollywood is now a big deal but I’m not scared of commitment. I’m just scared of my time being wasted,” she told Saturday Sun.

A Management and Computer Studies graduate of Wisconsin International University, Whykay also revealed how she handles marriage pressure from her family members. “I’m not that old, besides, it’s only my mom that stylishly asks about my boyfriend, and I give her the answer suitable at that particular time. However, my man must be loyal. He should love, respect and support my dreams and visions. He should be taller than I am. Age doesn’t really matter but he must not be younger or too old. He should be comfortable, hardworking, and able to handle responsibilities. I won’t say no if I see a billionaire’s son, only if he has good character and cares about me. Actually, I don’t want a billionaire but if he comes and he is true and I like him, why not?”


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