We have resolved to keep sustaining our marriage against all odds – Foluke Daramola’s husband

Kayode Salako, the husband of ace Nollywood Actress, Foluke Daramola has opened up on how he has been coping marrying a celebrity.

Exert from the interview as gathered by NEWSCASTARS.COM below:

How do you feel when you heard or read unhealthy rumours about your marriage to Foluke Daramola?


It is normal for one to feel bad about any news that is negative, false and could damage our public image. Such is the situation when one is in a celebrity marriage most times. That is one of the prices one pays to run and sustain a celeb marriage. But in our own case, it is becoming one fake and hate news too many from persons who have taken it upon themselves to keep writing and publishing rubbish tales about our marriage. They write without first consulting the people at the centre of the story and go ahead to spread it.


Do you plan to take any legal action against those responsible for the rumours?


We are already thinking of what to do. We are consulting and thinking of the right action to take to stop this rubbish. Our marriage is already 10 years old, for Christ’s sake! I think Foluke should rather be commended and applauded for the passionate commitment and hard work she has put in to sustain it (our marriage) for that long, rather than all these crude and unethical media-bashing all the time. How many of these Nollywood celebs in her age and social class have been able to achieve that in their marriages? How many of them actually live in properly-consummated marriages like ours? Foluke should be encouraged; she doesn’t deserve this. I am Foluke’s husband, and I say that the marriage is still intact, well and good. There may be issues, but that bedroom will always bring us together and subsequently help one to resolve them. I won’t say it has been all smooth and perfect in these past 10 years, but the divine purpose with which we have been running it together and the conviction, which brought us together in the beginning is still strong enough to continue to keep us as one.


Did you prepare for the possibly of negative stories like this when you decided to get married to a popular actress?


I have an idea of what celebrity marriages go through in the hands of hateful people, but I didn’t envisage that it would be this bad. Others are not really doing negative stories about our marriage anymore. I think they got tired of it at a point.


What has sustained your marriage for 10 years amid social media drama?

We have resolved to keep running and sustaining our marriage against all odds. I have always said that what sustains marriages goes beyond ‘I love you.’ If it is love that sustains marriages, then society will not be dominated by broken homes today. There would be fewer single mothers and fathers, because love should be enough to keep two people permanently glued together. Foluke wants to continue to remain Mrs Salako and I also want to continue to remain her proud husband. That is part of the secret of our survival as a couple. It is in the interest of the two of us to continue to sustain it as much as we can in spite of all the negativities. As Foluke would always say, “Once you’re not beating or assaulting me physically, then we can continue to sustain it for as long as God wants it to last.” And, luckily for her, I will never raise my hand against not only my wife but any woman. I have never done it and I will never do it.

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