Wathoni apologises for body shaming Dorathy

Ex-BBNaija housemate, Wathoni has now apologized to Dorathy Bachar for indirectly body shaming her after their heated BBNaija reunion chat.

Wathoni in a tweet after Reunion on Saturday wrote, “ The balloons were found shaking.” An insult targeted at Dorathy as fans accused her of body shaming Dorathy.

Later on her Instagram page, Wathoni apologised if her words sounded like ‘body shaming’, adding that her intention was not to body shame Dorathy.

Her post read: “I’ll do this because I stand for so many things but body shaming. Now those who misinterpreted my words I never body shamed Dorathy Bachor and will never do that even in my next life.

“Dorathy if you misinterpreted what I wrote I am publicly apologizing to you. Again I will not and will never bodyshame you.”

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