Watch: Man verbally attacking Apostle Johnson Suleiman as he preached in a church in Canada

A video is trending online showing a man verbally attacking Apostle Johnson Suleiman during a convention last week in Ottawa, Canada..

In the footage, the man is seen accusing Apostle Johnson Suleman, the general overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries, of being an evil man and a fake prophet.

He said:  “Suleiman, God’s gonna strike you down. You need to repent. You’re a fake man of God. You are a fake man of God and you know. You guys know. God’s gonna strike you down.”

Church security and ushers rushed to drag the man out of the church but he kept struggling, threatening, and cursing out Suleiman.

At some point, the man threatened to call the police on the men who were dragging him out for disrupting the service.

Watch the video below:


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