Aliko Dangote with Mo Ibrahim

Video: Any lady that want to be my wife should see Mo Ibrahim who is now my consultant-Aliko Dangote

Aliko Dangote who was a guest at the Mo Ibrahim’s Governance Weekend some days ago in Abidjan and the business mogul  said this regarding ladies that want to marry him.

The host, Ibrahim, started by remarking in a humorous note, that the Dangote must be the most eligible bachelor in Nigeria. His remarks had instantly gotten Dangote and the members of the audience chuckling.

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He went on by saying that he had an imagination that the cement mogul must have dozens of ladies flocking in front of his building all the time, trying to get his attention. Responding to Ibrahim, Dangote said it was natural that ladies would be attracted to him, but, such ladies should go through Mo Ibrahim  who is now his consultant, who will eventually pick one of the ladies for him.


Watch the video below:

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