Vector serves update on elderly model being exploited and underpaid by agents

Rapper Vector has spilled more on his disclosure of elderly models being exploited and underpaid by agents contracted for jobs.

The singer had yesterday disclosed that elderly models who featured in a new video he shot were paid N9k each even though they budgeted N30K for the job, adding that the agent has been threatening the model involved with blacklisting her.

Serving an update, the rapper wrote;


The agent has started to threaten the poor elderly woman he represents. Her daughter said that they called for a blacklist of her mom from jobs simply because she told us they paid her 9k our of 30k (that the director said they paid). Hope i can get her on live tomorrow.


I just got off the phone with one of the elderly women and she said her daughter is worried that they have been getting calls about the recent video posted about her Agent.


I don’t know how during this trying time in the country (world), people will still hold on to greed and still oppress people like this.

If na una mama dey work and them pay her 9k out of 30k una go happy?

Why are you threatening the old woman? Why are you sending her name to other Agents to not give her jobs?

Are you even human?

Are you God?

I know you will see this whoever you are. Send her name all you want.

Nigerians are not all evil.

There are good people out there and they will speak for her like I am.

We go live tomorrow.

E be like say I still need clear una how to respect una selves.

Her handle is @beatricenwokocha

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