Val Days are usually a lonely one for me- Actress, Ejine Okoroafor

Busty and sexy Nollywood actress, Ejine Okoroafor, has made a surprising revelation about her love life which most of her fans are not aware of, she confessed saying she’s not fortunate with getting romantic treats on Valentine’s Day.

The actress who recently released her first self-produced film titled ‘True Vision’ explains that, contrary to people’s belief that the most beautiful girls get the best treatment and attention on Val’s Day, they are often the loneliest and probably saddest.

Her word reads “Val Days are usually a lonely one for me.  I do visit the Motherless Home sometimes. On that day,  People think that the pretty gals are the happiest but no, we are the loneliest ones. But to me love is a beautiful thing. No matter how bad I have been hurt I will love again”

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