Ubi Franklin speaks on the online clash between his babymama, Sandra Iheuwa and his alleged girlfriend, Renee

Music executive, Ubi Franklin has made some accusations against his child’s mother, Sandra Iheuwa, following her IG rant with his alleged girlfriend.

Sandra’s fight while fighting Ubi’s alleged girlfriend, Renee, shared screenshots showing Ubi Franklin still tries to call her and he has told Ubi not to call her again but he won’t listen.


Reacting, Ubi Franklin Sandra hits back with receipts saying he has every right to put a call across to his kids but he can only reach the kids through their mother.

He added: “I cannot basically reach a 2 year old without the assistance of her mum, and for months it has been impossible.”

“I have a right of association as a single person. Nobody has a right or have been given such leverage to harass anyone seen around me.

“I will urge everyone to respect my relationship decisions…”

Sandra then told him to tell the world what he did that made her close the line of communication to him since January.

“It’s not like you do anything for Ariella (their daughter) anyways. ”

She went on to claim that Ubi is the one who has been harassing her for posting her boyfriend on Instagram and she shared screenshots of the messages Ubi allegedly sent to her after she posted about her boyfriend on IG.

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