Tyson Fury’s wife Paris, speaks on terrifying moment her husband almost committed suicide

Paris Fury, wife of heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury, for the very first time, publicly recalled the moment her husband considered committing suicide at the peak of his career in 2015, just after becoming the Unified heavyweight champion by defeating Waldimir Klitshko.

Tyson Fury has been very honest in recent years about his battle with mental health and depression that led him to consider committing suicide.

During a 2019 interview on ITV’s This Morning, Tyson revealed he bottled up all of his mental health troubles to engage in heavyweight boxing and it was on the night he defeated Klitschko to become World Champion his world came “crashing down”.

“I was at a point where I really didn’t want to live anymore and I really didn’t care about anything or anybody,” Tyson explained.

“Even the things I hold so close to me and the things that I adhere to in my life didn’t mean anything anymore.

“I lost the passion to breath fresh air and want to live.”

“I was in that car that day and that was the day I made up my mind – I had thought about it before and it was well planned – I was going to smash my car into this bridge on the motorway and I thought, this is it.”

In a split second, Tyson said that he “heard the voice” of his children and wife telling him not to kill himself, and he stopped.

In a new three-part documentary, to be shown next week ahead of his rematch with Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury’s wife, who has 5 kids for him and has been dating him since they were teenagers, recalled how one morning Tyson Fury entered his sports car and told her he won’t be coming home again.

“I remember when he got in the Ferrari before he left he said: ‘I’m not coming back’,” Pairs said.

“Then as the day progressed and his phone was off I started calling his dad.

“I said, ‘Have you heard from him because I don’t know where he’s at? I am worried, he was talking silly this morning.'”

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