This afternoon, anybody trying to get onto Facebook and Instagram experienced dissatisfaction after finding out that the two mediums were undergoing a worldwide outage. The blackout was most apparent in the United States and in countries in Western Europe. Although Soulja Boy issued a viable solution to anybody wanting their social media fix, folks were still angry about not being able to keep up with their social activity. Facebook is working hard to get both Messenger, Instagram and its proper site back up and running and some people are now able to update their pages as they please. However, they all had something to say on Twitter, which was one of the only major social networks still operating this afternoon.Instagram and Facebook are usually our meme havens but things were moved over to Twitter periodically with users tweeting their reactions to the outages. Some joked that it was time for MySpace to make a comeback, others just let the world know how depressed they were that they couldn’t spend as much time as usual on their phones. At this point, people are so attached to their devices that a few hours without Facebook and Instagram can feel like an eternity. It’s sad when you think about it.Take a look at some of our favorite reactions below and let us know in the comments what you’re doing in the absence of social media.