Toyin Lawani Laments As Her Clothing Style Is Pirated

Celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani has come out to react to the hilarious piracy of her clothing style as she took to her Instagram to express her displeasure.

She wrote:

“The one on the left is made locally By A Nigerian Designer ,while the one on the Right was mass produced in china and sold to all the major markets in Nigeria,Dont forget same thing happened to my Transformer collection ,as you can see they even duplicated my Band name @elegantebytiannah styling which I used on the Black Band ,they have mind to Copy my Brand name with their tacky design , it’s been sold for 3k to 5k currently and I sell mine for 85k as you can see it’s a better quality and I wanted to mass produce it in all colors to make it cheaper and still maintain the same quality as seen on me ,But this is the problem we have in the fashion industry,people take from us as they wish and make profits off our sweat ,in their country ,The Government Really need to focus on the fashion industry and make things happen , I’m the youth Ambassador to Federal Association Of Designers in nigeria and we raise this issues severally But elerugberue is this industry . So imagine the people who don’t have funds to fight this kind of issues 🤷‍♀ It pays to Be original I said all this In my Book #Beunstoppable-BusinessmogulsGuide , I stopped posting my major creations online ,When people come to my showroom they scream and say ah we don’t see all this online ,is it till when they imitate me myself 🙆🏼‍♀ it’s not easy to create bespoke everyday ,yes I know I’m known worldwide which is why this is happening ,But at what cost ? The Government should better start focusing our the major talents in this country before all is lost 👋 this cant stop me from taking over the international market but please stop this ,let me do my thing myself .My ideas will never stop running in ,there’s more where this came from , don’t forget that ,But this country needs to change for better 🔥I’m taking my ideas out of this frustrating country ,nothing works here, I could get paid Millions of dollars for my creativity out there ,just here wasting my precious time 🙄”

She further said:

“But why why why why why,this is like the 8th Design I’m loosing to this people ,Both china&Nigerian Designers ,They mass produce my Designs&distribute it to lagos,aba,onitsha etc markets ,yes I Register few of my Designs,But how many people will I fight daily,some would say don’t they copy gucci,but the truth is Gucci got money than I do&they hv stores all over the world ,I’m Just on that ladder ,This was what I was talking to @profosinbajo about at the Recent dinner ,Nigerians Are super Talented&we are being reaped off Daily ,why can’t The government Endorse my Brain�‍♀️,For Godsake ,It’s not easy to come up with a unique creation daily,to standout is Not easy ,to not be a copycat in this world is not easy ,I crack my brain daily to create unique pieces ,I wouldn’t hv even made money off my creation yet ,different fake designers will start copying them to sale,you people are making money off my sweat ,while I workhard ,yes the creations can never be the same with mine as I use quality fabrics&the style is always uniquely outstanding,But imagine how my prestigious clients feel ,paying so much for a piece&stepping out to see them standing beside this ,yes it’s meant to be a good thing when you set trends& people follow but not at the expense of my sweat , if nigeria was A standup country that even Empowers their Various Talents ,other countries won’t get away with such ,this is Intellectual property theft, how long will this go on for ,if I start posting my creations that has been messed up like this ,the whole Instagram will be filled up today ,pls everyone protect your magic there are thieves everywhere,Even the one who call themselves big designers copy,so how will the upcomers learn that this is wrong ? Let me inspire you ,but switch it around&make yours better&different,Wrong is wrong ,I work so hard ,day&night without no sleep ,Nepa will bring one fake estimated bill with no meter ,Tax will do their own,judging your pocket from your building& your life,even in your own property they will send people to remove Clients plate numbers to collect parking fees,after you pay land use charge ,which kind of frustrating country is this��‍♀️

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