This are the reasons i called Pastor Kumuyi an hypocrite:Mercy Benjamin

A lady blogger by name Mercy Benjamin had taken to her Facebook page to write so many unprintable things about Pastor Kumuyi. Ranging from the damage he caused her life by preaching about being comfortable in poverty and that was what made her father lose so many opportunities that would have bettered her life and that of her siblings.She loathed that Pastor Kumuyi made poverty to look like a way of life- a prerequisite for the kingdom of God.

She also talked about how Pastor Kumuyi said watching television was a sin. That television was the devil’s box. She recounted how she was flogged countlessly for watching television through her neighbor’s window since they don’t have.

She now said, that, that same devil’s box has became a means to win souls for Christ. That Pastor Kumuyi is committing that same sin they were punished several years for. 

Read her

Sad truth.

#Deeperlife and their pastor Kumuyi, are one of the reasons, I became aware of the fraudulentness in christianity. 

I grew up without watching TV because it is a sin and was known as the “devil’s box” back in the day. Can never be able to count how many times I was mercilessly flogged like a thief because I looked at the TV through a neighbours window and was caught. 

Today, Pastor Kumuyi uses the same “devil’s box” to allegedly win souls for christ, and christ was aware that Kumuyi will be committing the same sin I was severely punished for. Is that not hypocrisy?

Growing up, poverty was a way of life, yet Pastor Kumuyi was never a poor man 

Christianity and its preachers are nothing but fraud. They only preach doctrines that best benefits them personally.

Wake up.

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