The entertainment industry is now full of envy, hate, pride -Paul Play Dairo

Veteran singer, Paul Play Dairo, took to his Instagram page to share his thoughts on the current state of the entertainment industry saying the industry at the moment is filled with envy, hate, pride, and unwarranted rudeness.

He particularly took a swipe at entertainers who have problems with helping their colleagues publicize their work saying this wasn’t the case when he and other entertainers like 2face, Ruggedman, and others were strong in the industry.

He wrote:

”I TRIED TO KEEP QUIET but I got to say this . ThE ENTERTAINMENT industry is now full of ENVY, HATE, PRIDE and unwarranted RUDENESS.

How much will it really COST u to post your colleagues advert ? It doesn’t cost you anything , it’s not going to affect your brand or make your fans run away . I’ve been away from the game for quite a while but I’m sad to realise how terrible things have turned.

It’s like they PREFER TO HELP U WHEN YOURE DEAD . To post your picture and organize sbows to celebrate your passing. HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE THERE FOR THE CELEBRITIES WHO PASSED when they were alive ?

I can recall vividly when we started this game . Though we has competition . STYL PLUS No dey pose for RUGGEDMAN , 2FACE no dey pose for PAUL PLAY, TONY TETUILA no dey pose EEDRIS . We always hang out at the show even at the after party .

NOW I HEAR our young CELEBRITIES don’t even wanna see eye to eye . It’s always a group of two of three when they do . I KNOW WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT : MONEY? But I’m wrong because every A lister is getting money . The real problem is what I will construct into a question :


I’m happy how the industry has evolved and I’m happy for every single artist that has made it . But hey BE HUMBLE !!!






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