Tenant’s wife suffers miscarriage after being assaulted by landlady and her sons

A mechanic, Sodiq Tijani, 28, has accused his landlady and her sons of assaulting him and his wife, causing his wife to have a miscarriage.

He rented a room in the house belonging to Toyin Sulaimon aka Iya Sade and her siblings. The room he was staying in belonged to Iya Shade’s brother Bankole, who didn’t live in the compound located at no 33 Udem Street, Brown bus stop, Iju-Ishaga,.

Sodiq said he had been paying rent to Iya Shade which she was collecting on behalf of her brother. But trouble started when Iya Shade asked him to lie to her brother that he hadn’t paid any rent to her, despite the fact he had been paying to her for 6 months and he refused to lie about it and he was assaulted by Iya Shade and her sons, Azeez and Baba Oja.

His wife Kehinde was also assaulted and she lost a four-month-old pregnancy.

Sodiq said, according to Punch:

After I paid her (Iya Shade)N32,000, she wanted me to lie to her brother and I refused. She became annoyed and said I wanted to tear her family apart; she told me to park out after my rent must have expired without giving me a notice to quit, but I still went ahead to make arrangements to leave.

On Monday, February 25, 2019, I was inside my room when she said she needed to see me and I obliged. Immediately I got to her shop, she locked me up and started assaulting me. It became worse when her son, Baba Oja, came with about 16 people, who beat me till I was bleeding all over my body.

The people around begged them to stop, but when I went to my room, I was shocked to see my wife holding her stomach and writhing in pain. Some of my properties had been damaged and when I asked her who did it, she said it was Azeez, who hit her stomach with a rod while forcing his way in.

Sodiq said his wife continued to experience pain in her stomach following the assault, so she was taken to the Leke Memorial Hospital the following day where a scan revealed that the foetus in her womb had died.

Sodiq and his wife Kehinde accuse the police of refusing to act after they reported. Sodiq said that despite reporting the assault at Area ‘G’ Police Command, Ogba, Lagos, the inspectors in charge of the case refused to thoroughly investigate the matter, because they had allegedly connived with the perpetrators to cover up the crime.

Sodiq’s wife, Kehinde, said she was still in shock over the loss of her pregnancy, adding that the police officers handling the case have been compromised.

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