Singer, Seyi Shay blast those who called her out after she said coronavirus isn’t as deadly as Malaria

Singer Seyi Shay went hard on Twitter users who blasted her for comparing coronavirus to malaria and typhoid.

The singer tweeted: “So wait… is corona virus more deadly than malaria? And why cant our government do something about malaria and Typhoid that people seem to be getting every week out here? Or is that just a WHOOOOLE ‘nother story??”

She wrote: “Ok, so its contagious BUT is it more deadly? This one that everyone is forgetting that people have been and are still dying from Malaria and typhoid… daily! #jedimindgames”

However, some twitter user blasted her as they asked her to stick to singing and stop giving opinions on topical issues.

Responding to the critics, she said;: “Im also saying that Covid-19 is apparently NOT even as deadly as common influenza to the average healthy person ! But u will not go and study, reserach, seek knowledge listen to real fucking news! Just jumping on wagons and excited to be a part of ‘Jedi mind tricks’ awon werey!”

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