Singer, Elohsound reveals the kind of man she can date

UK-based Nigerian singer, Thowhora Eloghene Olawunmi aka Bornleader Elohsound, has said in a relationship that her turn off is lying, violent men.

Elohsound who is single and presently not in any relationship said this while speaking in an interview with Nollywood saying she desires a man who is responsible, caring and understanding.

She said: “I’m not in a relationship at the moment, but when the time comes, I want a man that is not scared of responsibilities. He must be understanding and caring. My man has to have listening ears. Lying men and those who engage in domestic violence turn me off. However, sensitive, honest and authentic men turn me on.”

While some entertainers counted their losses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the year 2020 was a blessing for Elohsound. “2020 was quite good for me; it took me out of my comfort zone. I got the opportunity to perform and get paid well in ‘Made in Ghana, UK’. But then, I came to the UK and the show was canceled due to coronavirus. It was a huge loss. We have to stay strong still.”

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