Shooting Near SXSW Leaves at Least 1 Injured

The SXSW festivities were interrupted by a shooting that left at least one person injured.

Shots were fired on Saturday night near the corner of Sixth Street and San Jacinto. Although the shooting did not take place at an official SXSW venue or event, the altercation did occur at the epicenter of Austin nightlife.

“There was loud pop that I heard,” festivalgoer Matthew Carey explained to Deadline. “There was a pause of a second or two, then the people in the crowd started shouting ‘a shooting,’ and everybody started running.”

Carey detailed how paramedics arrived on the scene to treat at least one person for a gunshot wound while the police came to take another person into custody. Austin Police are still looking for more suspects. Shortly after the shooting, the department released a statement confirming the crime and warning SXSW attendees to avoid the area as they are still investigating.

The shooting came in the middle of a dangerous weekend in Austin. In just 24 hours, there were three other firearm-related incidents that left five people in the hospital.

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