“She made him lose a lot of good opportunities” – Singer, Lyta’s babymama drags his manager, Seyi Awonuga

Lyta’s babymama, Kemi Ayorinde, has again took to social media to rant,  but this time she attacked the singer’s manager, Seyi Awonuga.

Kemi claimed that Seyi is stifling Lyta’s career and she has made him lose so many good opportunities that would have taken his music to the next level.

Her posts read ;

For many days and months throughout our relationship, @official lvta cried endlessly to me on phone calls about his career, not making money, not being able to feed his own family, not being able to do things for himself…he made me understand his public life, to his private life, THE REAL HIM vs the people outsiders see.

And as his girlfriend and bestfriend who he could confide in about anything, I took him in, which was what made me take on some of his responsibilities by giving him monthly money for his family and so on

Before I gave birth to Aari, Lyta was on the edge of dropping an Ep, he had already done his music camp, chosen all his songs, done his features and for the first time, I sensed real and genuine happiness coming through his voice when he spoke about his upcoming project, until a few days before I gave birth, he came to me crying that @shigh_lofe had just busted into the studio and shouting that everything was cancelled, i asked him why and he said she never gave him a reason, she just cancelled it.

The thing is Lyta has been in the industry for 4years and only as 7 singles out. He as lost all his closest friends because of @shigh_lofe, he has lost FUCKING BIG opportunities because of @shigh_lofe

@shigh_lofe you’ve done nothing but shamed this boy behind closed doors, p.s he used to hide his phone under the duvet when you would burst into his room insulting, controlling and speaking less of him but you come on the gram acting otherwise

@officialelyta although I despise you so much currently with everything you did to me despite the FACT that I was the one who always had your back regardless, and although @shighlofe as turned you against me, I would never watch you suffer and keep quiet about it, WE AIN’T the same, despite all this, i still want nothing to do with you, but I want you to grow and progress like you always talked about, I wanna see you succeed, I wann see you do things you wish you could without someone using a remote control on you.

You’ve been bad to me and with everything we’ve both been through, especially this last few months, I want you to know that I see potential in you and that progress is yours, LET GO OF THE SHIM HOLDING YOU DOWN we’re all rooting for you, ALL OF US (you know us)


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