See the gift Speed Darlington said he wants as his birthday gift

Controversial US based Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington will be a year older in a few hours and he took to his Instagram to reveal the only birthday gift he wants.

The bang dada dang singer said in an Instagram video that all he wants for his birthday are two “big booty girls”.

He said he’s never had a threesome in his life and he wants to remedy that before the next general election when he will contest for the President of Nigeria adding that he has no money to pay the women and all he intends to spend is the hotel money.

As for the women, he said what they will be getting out of it is the chance to be with an “African Champion”.

He said: “Why should you? Because I’m African champion, that’s why. That’s enough reason to f*** me and be a part of my threesome experience. ”


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