Security challenges are not as much as where we started from – Chief of Defence Staff

The Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Lucky Irabor says security threats in the country are going down adding that the current security challenges in the country are not as much as it was when they assumed position..

Irabor made the claim at a church service to mark this years’ Armed Forces Remembrance Day.

He said;

“I would like to specially commend members of the armed forces, especially the veterans who laid the foundation on which we are building upon to bring peace and security to every part of the country.

“There are challenges but the challenges are not as much as where we started from. That gives hope for everyone as we go into the year.

“There is ample opportunity to escalate the actions that brought the peace that we now enjoy and also to take it to another level where there would be no need for anyone to live in fear in any part of the country.”

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