SDK Call For Peace Between Omoni Oboli And Uche Jombo

Uche Jombo’s directorial debut première was snubbed by her “Best Friend” Omoni Oboli, which has been one of the biggest news over the weekend after she was called out by co-actress Ini Edo, for missing such a big occasion.

In a way of making peace, popular blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus AKA SDK has come out to advice the women to find a way of making peace to ensure they are not object of ridicule in the movie industry. She wrote:

@omonioboli and @uchejombo hmmmm I am wading into this becos I believe in the power of love and sisterhood. Omoni you didn’t do well by not attending Uche’s premiere after she supported you during yours. It’s not right but it’s ok if you insist. A lot of talks going on now to encourage both of you to part ways but I encourage you to reach out and sort this out. Delay is not good. This brouhaha is not about a sister gossiping the other (that’s worse)it’s about not giving your shoulder when it was needed. People are whispering that you are a user and used your friend Uche to climb the ladder. Shut them up by reaching out to Uche or prove them right by not doing so. @iniedo you did well by standing up for the right path. ….I believe that true friendship still exists as long as gossip was not involved. Can’t wait to see you Ladies make up. Incase you one of those followers and wondering what my business is in this,I also wonder if it’s your business and if you want them to settle or break up completely. #goodandbaddontlastforever

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