Sandra Iheuwa apologizes to Ubi Franklin’s alleged lover Renee, release evidences to prove Ubi is a deadbeat dad (video)

Music executive, Ubi Franklin’s 3rd babymama, Sandra Iheuwa, has apologized to his alleged girlfriend, Renee, who she prayed to be barren.

The duo on Tuesday, April 20 fought dirty on social media and Sandra went on IG live and cursed Renee, saying she will never carry a child in her womb.

However, in a video she posted this morning, Sandra apologized for her outburst.

”I want to apologise to Renee. You would not be barren. You are going to have a lot of children. That came from a place of anger”she said

Sandra in her video mentioned that she was married some years ago and share two daughters with her husband whom she divorced in 2017 before she met Ubi Franklin in May 2017 in London.

She said Ubi came to New York in August of the same year and that was when he asked her out and they officially started dating and in December 2017, she came to Nigeria and found out that he was lying to her.

She said she tried to get out of the whole situation but found out she was already pregnant and went on to have their baby Ariella and didn’t want their child not to have her dad in her life as her other kids had their father in their lives as they were co-parenting in a very good way.

Sandra said she tried to co-parent with Ubi but it didn’t work saying he defaults in his responsibilities as a father so much that she has even had to send money to his South African babymama, Nicola Siyo.

She shared a screenshot of the proof of payment after she sent some money to Nicola.

”Ubi, if you take care of your children, why am I sending funds to the mother of your child in South Africa. Nicole I am really sorry for doing this but this situation calls for it. If you are taking care of your children, why am I sending funds?

Since Ariella was actually born, I can tell you that I haven’t received any financial assistance from Ubi. Not even one kobo have I. The last time I asked and I was like I want to put Ariella in daycare, can we split the bill? A quarrel started and since then I haven’t asked him for anything because I can afford it.”Sandra said


She also accused Ubi of cloning her card while they were on holiday with their daughter in December 2020 and using it to go on a shopping spree adding that she also upgraded his flight ticket from Economy to Business class.

She accused Ubi of coming to her to speak ill of his other babymamas.

Ubi is yet to respond to the allegations.



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