‘Run for your life’ – Actress, Benita Onyiuke tells women in abusive marriages

Nollywood Benita Ugochukwu Onyiuke has opened up on her life as she says her husband has been very supportive.

Speaking in a recent interview, the mother of three, and movie producer said;

“I’m blessed I have a husband who supports me all the way. Acting is the one thing I love to do so much and I thank God it hasn’t conflicted with my marriage. I have been acting since I was a kid, from nursery school dramas to date. I grew up having so much passion for playing roles, So, I have never had another choice aside from knowing all my life that I was meant to be an actress.”

She also also advised women in abusive marriages or relationships to run for their dear lives.

“Run for your life. Violent relationships end life or may leave you disfigured. I think every marriage has its challenges. But being rooted in God and being with someone who understands and makes you happy is the real deal,” she added.

Benita Onyiuke Ugochukwu, an indigene of Enugwu Ukwu, Anambra State is also an entrepreneur who owns a beauty salon. She’s a graduate of Abia State University married to a man from Abia State

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