Reno Omokri explains how he replied an old classmate who asked about his current career

Popular author, Reno Omokri has shared the savage response he gave an old classmate who asked about his current position in life.

The former presidential spokesperson said it is a common question often aimed for competition sakes between old colleagues.

He wrote:

“When I meet old classmates and the first thing they ask is ‘what are you doing?’, I know they are asking not out of concern, but out of competition, to see if they are nose successful than me. So I respond as follows:

‘I am getting ready for Christ’s second coming.’

Nobody who loves you and has not seen you in decades will ask you what you are doing as the first, second, or third question. Christ was a carpenter. If some of His old classmates had met Him at a reunion, or WhatsApp group, they would have looked down on Him!,”

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