We’re only four days into the Millenium Tour and B2K’s Raz B has already announced that he’s chucking up the deuces and leaving. Mario, Pretty Ricky, Bobby V, Chingy and The Ying Yang Twinsare all on the lineup for the highly-anticipated tour, but somewhere between last week and today, Raz B feels as if his personal safety is in danger.

“Actually, let me correct myself,” he says in a video clip. “Raz B is officially off the tour. I don’t feel safe because I feel like Chris Stokes is around. So guess what? I’m off the tour. Good luck to everybody. No disrespect to [Omarion] because he’s my brother. [Omarion] if you want to come talk to me and you want me to do the tour, I’ll do the tour, but I’m officially off the tour.” Raz then goes on to say, “Oh, guess what? I guess we’re about to shoot the new ‘Surviving Chris Stokes’ movie, right? So call Lifetime ’cause I’m ready to talk.”

For over a decade, Raz has accused former B2K manager Chris Stokes of molesting him, saying that the alleged abuse began when he was around 11 or 12-years-old. “It all started with Chris Stokes,” Raz said in a video back in 2007. “It started one day when Chris was like — ‘Let me touch you’…I can’t speak for everybody, but if you want my personal opinion, I think he did (touch all the other group members).”

Raz’s brother, Ricardo Thornton, also claims that Stokes sexually abused him. “Chris [Stokes] made me take showers with the other boys…All that little sh** that my brother was introduced to, that sh** was brought to me first, and I blocked that sh**. I wasn’t with it, I backed off…I kinda knew what was going on over there, and yet I took my brother over to Chris. I didn’t protect him like I should have. [Stokes] molested my brother and he molested me.”

Back then, the controversy forced Omarion to issue a statement where he denied Raz’s allegations against Stokes. “I want to be on the record as saying that ‘Raz-B’ Thornton and Ricardo Thornton are lying regarding Chris Stokes,” Omarion said. “Chris is a father figure to myself and many others in the industry. He’s guided us, helped raised us and is nothing more than an inspiration and someone I respect and look up to. I have spent countless hours, days, weeks and months with the man — since the age of 5 — and have never once seen him behave inappropriately. He’s married to my aunt, and I know this man very well. I stand behind him with no question whatsoever. I have grown up around Chris, and this is crazy to me. These people have damaged me and my reputation. I won’t stand silent and will do all within my means to speak the truth about this matter.”

Stokes, himself, then went on record to deny Raz’s accusations. “All the allegations they made are false,” said Stokes. “I’m not gay. And I’m married. And I have four kids. I have been with my wife for 16 years. And I’m not a child molester. So those are all false allegations. I’m gonna sue them. And I owe that to my wife and kids, period. It’s ridiculous.”

Let’s hope that B2K can get it together and finish off the tour which began on March 8 and is scheduled to run until April 28.